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Bolton Park Project Groundbreaking!
Bolton Park and Hollywood Construction Oversees Construction of State of the Art Boarding Facilities for Local Atlanta Private Schools

Atlanta, GA-7 March 2014. Bolton Park LP is excited about the possibility of collaborating with Metro Atlanta schools which currently don’t maintain boarding facilities for their scholars. Groundbreaking ceremony was held at job site on March 3. It sits on a 10.5 acres of land located in the Upper West-side of Atlanta, Georgia. The current contractor, Hollywood Construction, estimates the first opening by early Fall this year and will continue for next phases until 2015.

State-of-the-Art Learning & Living Community

The non-boarding school partners are several private high schools in Atlanta area. Bolton Park’s mission is to provide safe and conducive boarding facilities for its tenants. This is a first in the whole city and this is definitely not the end as more schools will benefit within the state. Once completed, the entire campus will comprise a total of 9 buildings including residence halls, community center, club house, and a movie theater.



Mission in Atlanta

As Bolton Park is a development under The Georgia Regional Center (GRC), one of its main aims is to provide quality investment projects that focus in student housing, education services, real estate  construction and food services. The GRC is a private economic unit (EB-5) designated by the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services as a regional center. The mission then is to meet with foreign investors so they pour financial assistance that in turn will create the four are projects. Currently, the construction of this unique boarding project is in cohorts with Hollywood Construction. EB-5 Immigration also prioritizes the supply of jobs for U.S. Citizens, lawful permanent residents, and other immigrants that are duly recognized by the law to be employed in the country. The magnificent new undertaking will not just create a state-of-the-art residential community, it will also generate full-time jobs for residents of Georgia who fulfill EB-5’s requirements. 32614 1592 (800x600)


Students will be allowed to bring in necessary materials such as bed sheets, comforters, pillows, and basic toiletries. However, students are not allowed to bring along pets, firearms, unprotected extension cords, non-energy star appliances, octopus electrical outlets, dart boards, hookahs, space heaters, hot plates and harmless instruments designed to mimic dangerous ones. Kitchen utensils and materials will be provided for. The website: contains all the necessary downloadable forms such as those intended for application, residential condition (given for quarterly inspections and moving in or out), detailed standard damage charges, roommate matching and medication authorization.

Photos of the Bolton Park project:

About Bolton Park Management LLC

Bolton Park is a development by GRC (Georgia Regional Center), officially sanctioned under EB-5 Immigrant Investor Pilot Program. It aims to develop projects that augment education and employment for legal residents of Atlanta, both domestic and foreign.

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Bolton Park Management Office

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